Why any organisation needs an Explanatory Online Video?

July 1, 2013

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We live in a day and age, where the sheer number of companies offering and selling their services and products online is growing at an incredible rate. Everyone’s goal is to present themselves in the very best way as they can. It is very important to grab attention quickly since there are too many distractions for travellers of the online space. Luckily, there are ways you can get and gain more interest and convert this into engagement with your online content. One of these ways is the use of explanatory videos. Read on and find out why this is such an important thing to do and a powerful tool for your online presence.

The foremost reason for why everyone should use an explainer video is to connect in an engaging way with their audience and thus be memorable. Did you know that if you have a video on your site telling more about your company and services, people will almost certainly watch it? According to the latest surveys and research into this, consumers now prefer to watch these short explanatory films instead of reading long pages of text. In a way it is common sense that an animated intro video is more fun to digest than a written introduction. This is main the reason for why there are now all sorts of videos online that help you find out more about companies and their offerings.

Another reason for why most companies representing themselves online use these web videos is to make their site more interesting. Apart from intro videos and corporate videos, there are not many other more captivating ways to present training, product descriptions or concept explanations – or anything you can think of – than using a specifically produced video for this. Even testimonials presented in an explanatory videos are more interesting than the written thoughts and reviews about a certain site, service or product.

Specifically relating to training, education and tutorials, if your site is offering tutorials then these animated explainer videos will surely help anyone understand more about the content trying to be delivered. They will help viewers understand the details and instructions about even the most complex topics easily since they are actually being guided by a narrator and the visual cues – whiteboard animations, for example, lend themselves extremely well for this type of explainer video.

As briefly mentioned above, these explanatory videos are also very effective for sharing testimonials about a certain product or service. For example several testimonials can be presented in one video to showcase what great opinions people have about a product or service – the flow of information makes it easier for the viewer to lean back and take the information in.

We at EasyFilms™ understand all these reasons intrinsically and want you to benefit from them too. We ensure that your information is presented with a custom-made video, in a clear and crisp format, with the right audio, the right colours, the right animations, a suitable length and many more considerations. With this, we strive to help you achieve the outcomes you need for your business. Overall, site visitors will find your site and its content more attractive and a lot more interesting – they’ll be engaged by it and thus remember you.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you harness the power of explanatory online videos.