Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it normally take to create a video?

It depends. A short 30 sec video can be produced in 3-4 days in case of urgency, whereas a longer explainer will also take longer. Main factors that influence the production are: 1) complexity of the topic; 2) customer's collaboration. Obviously if we receive no feedback from you the video can not be ready and 3) availability of our team

Why are there so few videos on your website?

During last 5 years we have been analyzing our website visitors' behavior and have discovered that no one wants to watch tons of videos. The reason you are on our website is that your organization needs an explainer video, so we have chosen the most appropriate examples and published them on our website. In case you would like to see more of our works feel free to visit our YouTube channel. However, even on our channel you will not find hundreds of videos that we have produced in the course of last 5 years. Why? Because most of our customers are big organisations ordering videos for internal use. We have strict contracts with those customer and hence are unable to publish most of our works. However, feel free to contact us and request more videos. We do send them upon request.

How much does an explainer video cost?

There is no precise answer to this question due to the number of factors influencing the production cost, which is why we have developed an online price calculator. Our customers always pay an all inclusive price for the final product which means that there can be no hidden or extra costs. Our prices always include consultation, developing an idea, visualization concept, music and sound, character development, script writing, professional native voice over artists, animation, delivery in required format and quality and of course project management. In other words everything what is needed for the final video.

I already have an explainer video but am not sure it is fulfilling the needs I would like it to fulfill. Could you take a look?

Absolutely. Moreover, we will do it free of charge for you.

There are thousands of explainer video production companies. why should I choose EasyFilms?

We are asked this question, either directly or indirectly every single day and after years of listening and observing we finally found the answer. Firstly, each video is a new project for us which we take very individually. We listen to the customer, then ask questions and only when everything is absolutely clear and we are on the same page with the customer we start creating the video and always work until the customer is 100% satisfied which often requires re-recording the voice over, re-drawing the illustrations and sometimes even re-writing the script. Moreover, EasyFilms offers an unbeatable price - quality ratio. By saying unbeatable we mean it. Our state of the art illustrations created for each project exclusively and animated by professional animators combined with great sound (top-notch voice over by native artists only, special sounds and music) deliver the latter - quality. As for the former - price - thanks to our standardized production process and international (over 20 countries) team our prices are very hard to beat. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why we have a 100% satisfaction rate among our customer.

On your website you have an option to chose the visitor's role (start up, business, government, non-profit), but the content is same. Why?

The content is very similar but not the same. For instance if you visit our website as a representative of a start up business we are not going to show you our price calculator which is available to other customers. Why? Because start ups seldom require more than one explainer video. Another example is if you visit our website's government section we are not going to show you videos we have created for start ups and other businesses, because it is both distracting and irrelevant. Our new website has just been launched, so if the content for all 4 sections is too similar, please come back and check again soon. Our aim is to deliver only relevant content to our website visitors.

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