For more than 5 years our international team has been successfully creating commercial short films, explanatory videos, animated movies and more for our pleased customers around the world (governmental organisations, corporations, non-profits, start-ups, educational institutions, etc.).

Universal Compatibility


Explanatory videos created by EasyFilms™ can be shown effectively anywhere you like, on your webpage, within your company’s social networks and online video channels, at exhibitions, as part of staff training programs and anywhere else you can think of.



Whether we make a video, clip, trailer or animation – any video produced by EasyFilms™ is easy to understand. No matter how complicated the topic you want to cover, who your target audience is and where it is located, we’ll find a way to deliver your video communication effectively.

Word of Mouth


With your EasyFilms™ video production, you automatically gain access to new distribution channels. Online videos, for example, are first distributed within the web channels you operate in but then also virally distributed by viewers themselves to colleagues, friends and acquaintances.

100% Customised


Our EasyFilms videos are always customised to your specific needs – language, length, characters, animations, effects, music, sounds and other things are all tailored to your liking. That’s why you’ll have a truly unique result tailor-made for your video communication needs.

Unbeatable prices


Thanks to our production process, which is both efficient and effective, our prices are unbeatable. Hard to believe? If you manage to find anywhere the quality which is similar to EasyFilms™ for a lower price,  please let us know and we will make you a better proposal!

No Hidden Fees


There are no hidden fees, such as for example for your own characters, additional colours or a larger variety of video formats. Ask us for a quote today and you’ll get a competitive, fixed price offer for your video!

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