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A picture says a thousand words. Your company video will save you millions and make your business rock!

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Hi everyone, I am Filmy, EasyFilms™ mascot, and I want to explain to YOU the benefits of using visual media to grow your business. So let’s start with some facts shall we? FACT 1. ‘YouTube’ is the second largest search engine in the world after its parent – Google. FACT 2. Research shows that Google structures its search results to prioritize sites with video media. FACT 3. Campaigns and newsletters are much more likely to be opened if they include a video. FACT 4. Visual media reaches an audience via more senses than basic text. FACT 5. People are far more … читать дальше

Welcome to EasyFilms™ – A place where storytelling and visualization meet each other…

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So what are EasyFilms™ I hear you ask. EasyFilms™ are custom-made explanatory films and explainer videos created uniquely for your specific communication needs. Why are EasyFilms™ created you may wonder. Well, for a number of reasons, but a simple answer is explaining things that can be problematic or complicated in an easily digestable way, to a diverse range of people. We often hear that you should be able to present your business to potential customers, employees and other stake holders in 30 seconds, otherwise they’re not going to listen. But, let’s be honest, can we really explain what we do in thirty seconds … читать дальше

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