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June 17, 2013

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So what are EasyFilms™ I hear you ask. EasyFilms™ are custom-made explanatory films and explainer videos created uniquely for your specific communication needs. Why are EasyFilms™ created you may wonder. Well, for a number of reasons, but a simple answer is explaining things that can be problematic or complicated in an easily digestable way, to a diverse range of people.

We often hear that you should be able to present your business to potential customers, employees and other stake holders in 30 seconds, otherwise they’re not going to listen. But, let’s be honest, can we really explain what we do in thirty seconds or even one or two minutes?

EasyFilms™ was created because we discovered that businesses no matter small continuously need to explain what they do to their customers. Reading texts and documents might have been popular in the 20 century but in the 21st it is visual content that is keeping peoples’ attention. That’s where we come in!

So what do we do? EasyFilms™ is an individually customizable short video film experience. EasyFilms™ is used to deliver information from one side to another in a logical, understandable and interesting format.

But why do it? Recent research suggests that visuals within websites and other medias keeps a person more engaged allowing you to keep the demographic you are trying to reach interested, encouraging them to remember your company or services. Visual media also reaches more senses as our memory and perception is based on what we hear and see, allowing products and services delivered through this technique to be better imprinted in the memory, the result? More memorable products and thus more sales! And let’s be honest too much sales talk can be, well boring. Your customers would be far happier watching a short movie explaining everything about your product or service than listening to a sales pitch. EasyFilms™ aren’t all about delivering sales or reaching clients. EasyFilms™ are also used extensively in education and help companies educate employees in a more effective and economical way. EasyFilms™ can also be used on webpages, social network sites, training days, exhibitions and events, as well as in presentations and sales pitches. Really anything you can think of.

EasyFilms™ are available to everyone but companies that work in a global market could benefit even more. Once an EasyFilm™ is made it can be easily tailored to use globally saving on expensive translation or miscommunication. Likewise if you are a company with a large employee turnover that you need to educate quickly and efficiently, a movie from EasyFilms™ is a perfect option. It is also a great option:

- if your company is often bringing new services or products to the market, they need well, marketing. What better way to educate staff and inform potential clients than with a simple EasyFilm to go along with each new product or service.

- if your company conducts a lot of business online or communicates with employees using the internet it has a far better chance of engaging the intended audience with a multisensory media option such as those we deliver in an EasyFilm.

-  if you’re presenting in an exhibition environment where it can be quite loud. With EasyFilms™ you have the visual aspect of your video that allows everyone to easily follow what it going on, even without the aid of a voice over.

So why use EasyFilms™? Our team is experienced in creating a fully customisable, EasyFilms which can be made available on multiple platforms at an unbeatable price with no hidden costs. It couldn’t be simpler!

As a manager or business owner you would like to have a great video about your company but for different reasons, complexity, price or a lack of time you always postpone. Now there is no need. You decide how involved you are in the creation of your EasyFilm. If you just want us to help you develop separate parts of the film such as audio, character development, animation or even structuring the plot we will work with you on any small aspect that you wish. Anyway, here’s how it the full process works.

If you have an idea for an EasyFilm we will help you develop the concept from birth with our expert team we create the visuals based on your requirements and put your EasyFilm into a storyboard which you confirm before we produce your EasyFilm ready for you to use the way you intended! Easy right?

We’ve already worked with global charities, market leaders, start ups and educational institutions as well as numerous others. We have created films in English, German, French, Italian, Russian, and even Estonian! We’ve covered various diverse topics from educational presentations to new and exciting products and services.

So what are you waiting for? Be heard by your target audience. Always be two steps ahead of the competition. Get in contact with us and lets start creating your EasyFilm today.