A picture says a thousand words. Your company video will save you millions and make your business rock!

June 24, 2013

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Hi everyone,

I am Filmy, EasyFilms™ mascot, and I want to explain to YOU the benefits of using visual media to grow your business.

So let’s start with some facts shall we?

FACT 1. ‘YouTube’ is the second largest search engine in the world after its parent – Google.
FACT 2. Research shows that Google structures its search results to prioritize sites with video media.
FACT 3. Campaigns and newsletters are much more likely to be opened if they include a video.
FACT 4. Visual media reaches an audience via more senses than basic text.
FACT 5. People are far more likely to watch something than read something.
FACT 6. Your potential customers are more likely to share visual media with others.
FACT 7. Most businesses DO NOT use visual media to describe or sell their product, or service.

So we agree, ‘Google’ loves videos, people love videos; even I love videos and I am neither Google nor a person!  So why do most businesses either have no video alongside their business, or have a poorly crafted one that damages their corporate identity? Beats me!

Does your company have a video which explains succinctly, and clearly, your product or service? If yes, is it good enough to entice future clients?  If you’re not sure and need some advice, feel free to send me a link and I will be happy to give you not only my professional, but also my sincere opinion.

However, if you have logged onto your company page and find nothing but pages of text that will slowly induce your customers into a deep sleep WAKE UP and send me a message to get your company’s message to your customer’s as quickly as possible.

EasyFilms’™ effective and international team is experienced in creating fully customizable, animated explanatory visual media. They can be made available on multiple platforms, in different languages, at an unbeatable price, with no hidden costs. This means you don’t need to pay out extra for our range of benefits such as the professionally constructed: story boards and screen play, original music score, voice over, filming, animation, and final editing. We will even convert to the format you require. We are proud to say that our price is, and always will be, ALL INCLUSIVE.

It couldn’t be easier! You even decide how much input you want into the development and production of your video!

So what are you waiting for? Get in contact with me and let’s start creating your EasyFilm™  today. Visit our website for more information on our production process, or just to find our portfolio of works.  www.EasyFilms.eu